So you’re a mom and you want a six pack?



So you’re a mom and you want a six pack? Well that’s me.

Is the six pack in reach for the 40 year old female (me)? I do not know. If it is, I am determined to attain it. I don’t want to stand by while my body molds into the pear shape. I want to change. I want to pursue. I want to feel good. I want to have a great body even after seven kids.

This started because I sat my kids down around the table on january 1st, 2016 and we began to dream about things we wanted to accomplish…a physical goal, spiritual goal, educational goal, and a personal goal. They talked about a lot of great things they wanted to do from being more generous, to earning money, to saving for a big purchase, to eating healthier. And before I knew it, they had decided that this year was the year of the six pack for the whole family!!

It took a couple of months for us to actually make it to the gym, but we have been going now for 5 weeks. ┬áIt’s not just a time for our health, but it’s also good personal time with the kids and helping them achieve their goals.

My husband asked me what my workout goals were because I felt like I wasn’t seeing results. He asked what kind of body I wanted…like an aerobics instructor body? I’m thinking, no, I am thinking cut, defined, abs of steal, lean, healthy, and strong.

He laughed! And then told me I needed to do lots more core work. LOL.