Transformation Diary…Ground Zero

Before I started my training, I was not exercising at all; I was eating fast food and anything I wanted. Literally, I started at Ground Zero. I hated the thought of running but I also hated what was happening to my body and mind.

Being a major goal setter, I needed more than just weight loss to motivate me to get up and get moving.

Here’s how I started:

DIET: For the first 40 days…I ate no sugar (like desserts)  and no bread. I did not obsess about foods that contained some sugar like BBQ sauce or fruit. However, I did not eat things like syrup, jelly, juices, sodas, etc. I ate a high protein diet, good fats, and low carbs.

EXERCISE: I started by running 3 times a week. Since I have turned 40, I find that I have to really take it slow so that I don’t injure myself. So my first week of runs were 1 mile each. I downloaded the “Map My Run” app and use it to record my running. If 1 mile seems to advanced for you, maybe the C25K Plan will work. It starts you off walking and intermittently jogging. i did this plan 2 years ago and that’s how I was able to run a half marathon!!

So here was my schedule:

Week 1 Run 1 mile 3 times

Week 2 Run 1.5 miles 3 times

Week 3 Run 2 miles 3 times

Week 4 Run 2.5 miles 3 times

Week 5 Run 3 miles 3 times

Week 6 Run 3 miles 3 times

Since my goal was so huge, this transformation was going to be a slow process. It’s nice to see quick results and I tend to get impatient, but I keep reminding myself that I am making a lifestyle change. Not only that, but I have some major odds against me considering that my stomach muscles and skin has lost all elasticity due to my carrying and birthing 7 babies in 12 years.

So it’s actually good to take it slow and let yourself get adjusted to the new normal. The reason I do the 40 days no sugar is so that I can see results with the exercise. Running 1 mile for 10 minutes is not enough to lose much weight, but if the sugar and breads are cut out, results are likely to happen.




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