Transformation Diary…The First 40 Days

I have been working so hard…staying away from sugar, saying no to dessert and chips and Coke and sweet tea. Eating tuna (i don’t even like tuna), lots of chicken, eggs and repeat. I have been running faithfully every week and have worked up to three miles.

I am proud of that goal because I went nice and slow increasing mileage carefully each week.

However, I cannot see much of anything in the way of weight loss. I mean maybe a little bit. This is very disheartening but i have to keep going. Keep in mind my runs just got to 30 mins once I worked up to 3 miles. So technically I haven’t been exercising for a long time until recently.

In order to push for the six pack, it’s time to start going to the gym. Here’s the new plan:

DIET: My diet is still high protein, low carb, good fats. I’m logging my calories and staying under 1200 per day. I have added in 1 cheat day per week where I can have whatever I want.

EXERCISE: I am still running 3 times per week at least 3 miles per run. I work on speed for one run where I do intervals of sprinting and jogging. On another run I will go for distance. And my third run will be for the fun of it, no speed goals, no pushing, just a nice leisurely jog. Also, I am going to the gym twice a week to lift weights. Here’s what my schedule looks like now.

Monday: Run in AM slow jog 3 miles; Weights PM full body

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: Run in PM speed training

Thursday: Weights PM full body

Friday: rest day

Saturday: Run in AM for distance (increase by 1 mile each week).

Sunday: rest day

We will see how this turns out.


Transformation Diary…Ground Zero

Before I started my training, I was not exercising at all; I was eating fast food and anything I wanted. Literally, I started at Ground Zero. I hated the thought of running but I also hated what was happening to my body and mind.

Being a major goal setter, I needed more than just weight loss to motivate me to get up and get moving.

Here’s how I started:

DIET: For the first 40 days…I ate no sugar (like desserts) ¬†and no bread. I did not obsess about foods that contained some sugar like BBQ sauce or fruit. However, I did not eat things like syrup, jelly, juices, sodas, etc. I ate a high protein diet, good fats, and low carbs.

EXERCISE: I started by running 3 times a week. Since I have turned 40, I find that I have to really take it slow so that I don’t injure myself. So my first week of runs were 1 mile each. I downloaded the “Map My Run” app and use it to record my running. If 1 mile seems to advanced for you, maybe the C25K Plan will work. It starts you off walking and intermittently jogging. i did this plan 2 years ago and that’s how I was able to run a half marathon!!

So here was my schedule:

Week 1 Run 1 mile 3 times

Week 2 Run 1.5 miles 3 times

Week 3 Run 2 miles 3 times

Week 4 Run 2.5 miles 3 times

Week 5 Run 3 miles 3 times

Week 6 Run 3 miles 3 times

Since my goal was so huge, this transformation was going to be a slow process. It’s nice to see quick results and I tend to get impatient, but I keep reminding myself that I am making a lifestyle change. Not only that, but I have some major odds against me considering that my stomach muscles and skin has lost all elasticity due to my carrying and birthing 7 babies in 12 years.

So it’s actually good to take it slow and let yourself get adjusted to the new normal. The reason I do the 40 days no sugar is so that I can see results with the exercise. Running 1 mile for 10 minutes is not enough to lose much weight, but if the sugar and breads are cut out, results are likely to happen.