Tender Tendons!

I had tendonitis and bursitis in my right shoulder from overuse in high school. And now fast forward 25 years…since I’ve decided it is going to get used again, my tendons in my shoulders and hips are acting up. It’s not that I can’t lift, they just seem aggravated. And since tendons are a huge part of being able to move forward with more weight and increase endurance training, they must be working properly.

If you are young in your 20’s and 30’s, you may not need to progress as slow as I am. But for those of us with a child bearing bodies and over 40, we must go slow to prevent injury.

So with my 2 major goals ahead of me…getting a six pack after 7 kids and age 40…and competing in a half-ironman…tendons must be carefully cared for and nurtured when they start to get inflamed.

I found this video that helped me with my shoulder. The physical therapists talk about how to massage your tendons to help calm them down and heal.

Also this video about ways to stretch your hips was good.

You know, once you get passed the initial shock of actually creating a lifestyle of exercising and eating well…it becomes less of a hurdle to do it each day. And that feels really good. Then after a few weeks, you see results and that feels really good. For me, I start to get a little ambitious and begin to push myself a little too hard. I get a little ahead of myself and that’s when injuries are likely to occur.

Like this issue with my shoulder, part of me wants to just press through the pain and still lift and swim and just push past it. But, if my tendon ends up torn, then there will be NO swimming, no push ups, no planks, none of that. So it is worth it to safely strengthen these tendons and stretch them well and get the whole body ready for the journey.

Added into the plan now is:

  • strengthen the shoulder tendons and hip flexors with simple resistance exercises
  • lay off of shoulder bar bells for 2 weeks
  • add in slow swim, shoot for endurance not speed, slow and steady

Core strengthening must start to be a real focal point for me since all the births I’ve had. It’s the most boring thing to just tighten your stomach muscles for 20 seconds 15 time a day, but it is necessary. And it probably has to become a lifestyle since those muscles weaken easily. The rewards will be worth it…gotta keep the end in sight.

Reach your dreams; you deserve it,



So you’re a mom and you want a six pack?



So you’re a mom and you want a six pack? Well that’s me.

Is the six pack in reach for the 40 year old female (me)? I do not know. If it is, I am determined to attain it. I don’t want to stand by while my body molds into the pear shape. I want to change. I want to pursue. I want to feel good. I want to have a great body even after seven kids.

This started because I sat my kids down around the table on january 1st, 2016 and we began to dream about things we wanted to accomplish…a physical goal, spiritual goal, educational goal, and a personal goal. They talked about a lot of great things they wanted to do from being more generous, to earning money, to saving for a big purchase, to eating healthier. And before I knew it, they had decided that this year was the year of the six pack for the whole family!!

It took a couple of months for us to actually make it to the gym, but we have been going now for 5 weeks. ┬áIt’s not just a time for our health, but it’s also good personal time with the kids and helping them achieve their goals.

My husband asked me what my workout goals were because I felt like I wasn’t seeing results. He asked what kind of body I wanted…like an aerobics instructor body? I’m thinking, no, I am thinking cut, defined, abs of steal, lean, healthy, and strong.

He laughed! And then told me I needed to do lots more core work. LOL.